Esha Bansal


Mental health is a much-spoken topic in today’s world. Knowingly or unknowingly people are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes people do not know how to deal with the abusive relationships with their partners, family members, colleagues. Some past or present trauma they might have gone through or witnessed might be haunting them and affecting their lives.

We live in a world that is strange in its own way. One thing that seems to be of utmost importance to someone might not be effective at all for another person. One situation can cause stress in one individual while another individual might not be affected in the similar way by the same or similar situation in life. This is because we all have different journeys and different sets of experiences. But when we often feel stuck in life and we don’t know what’s happening and how to come out of that strange loop of emotions which is making us feel uneasy; then we might need an outside perspective. The world is changing and so are the older notions and taboos about mental health and seeking help. People are accepting the fact that it is ok to ask for help than suffer in silence. You don’t necessarily need to be experiencing psychological distress to begin therapy. Most people seek help from a professional because their previous ways of coping were not working as well as they should be.

Its ok to break that inhibition that stops us from asking for help of any kind. Its ok to be human!